The History of Vellies Shoes

Vellies shoes

Brother Vellies are a family-owned business that relies on local artisans to create their handmade shoes. They work with workshops that hire people with a wide range of skills, and pay fair wages to these artisans. The company works with many diverse groups to help create a more inclusive environment. The company uses only minimal machinery and uses the handcrafted process to reduce energy consumption while maintaining a high employment rate. The brand has a strong social conscience, and is committed to doing good for its communities.

The name vellies comes from the Afrikaans word for skin, vel. This means “skin” in Afrikaans, the language of the region. After years of wearing vellies, it was decided to give them a more formal name, veldskoen, which means “field.” The shoe’s durability and comfort have made it an indispensable staple of everyday wear. In the past, vellies were worn by safari guides and farmers to protect the animals in their region, but today they are worn by women all over the world as a fashion statement.

The name vellies comes from Afrikaans, meaning “skin.” This word, vel, is used to describe the leather used in the shoe. The word was changed to veld, which means “field,” creating the traditional veldskoen. The traditional veldskoen is comfortable, durable, and beautiful. Originally, it was used by farmers and safari guides. Today, vellies have become an essential piece of footwear, worn by women and men around the world.

The brand’s origins are in South Africa and Namibia. The South African workshop has been making these shoes since 1963, and they work closely with artisans to produce the best quality product. The artisans use ancient techniques and materials, gathered over the generations, to produce comfortable and durable shoes for men and women. The company makes a wide variety of styles, including sandals, slides, and booties, in a variety of colours. The unique design of vellies allows for a wide array of looks and styles.

A few dozen pairs of Vellies shoes are assembled each day in the workshop in South Africa. The artisans of the brand use traditional African techniques to create these stylish footwear. In fact, each pair is handcrafted by a skilled craftsperson using the same technique. The process, which begins with a hand-crafted shoe, takes a few hours to complete. The artisans work in small workshops, and the finished product is made by using local materials and leather.

The company sources materials from various parts of Africa. The company sources from various artisans in Namibia to manufacture Vellies shoes. Traditionally, vellies are made of soft rawhide leather and sit on a rubber sole. They are both durable and comfortable, and can be worn with any outfit. They come in three solid colors and can be resoled. The brand’s mission is to create high-quality, fashionable and ethically-made products.

The name of the brand comes from the Afrikaans word “vel,” which refers to the leather used to make the shoes. The word vel was later adapted to “veld,” which means ‘field’, resulting in the name veldskoen. In addition to being extremely comfortable, a valdskoen is also durable and very durable. Historically, vellies were worn by farmers and safari guides in the country. But today, they are a fashion statement.

Brother Vellies is a family-run business founded in 1963. This South African company produces traditional African footwear with a modern edge. The brand sources its materials from artisans in South Africa and Namibia. In addition to using these materials, the brand also uses by-products from other industries. For example, in Namibia, vellies use the skins of Kudu, a deer. The leathers from this animal are natural and have irregularities, which make them attractive to the eye.

The name vellies came from the Afrikaans word veld, which means ‘field’. The name of the brand, which is based in South Africa, aims to provide high-quality footwear at an affordable price. Founded in 1963, Brother Vellies offers a wide range of styles, including sandals, slides, and booties. They are an excellent choice for both men and women. A pair of veldskoen will look good with any outfit, whether you prefer to dress casual or dressy.